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The UC Bike Ride Merch Booth

The Official UC Bike Ride Jerseys by Road Holland have arrived -- and they look amazing! From the Road Holland web site: "The European imported luxurious 39% / 61% Merino wool poly blend is ideal for Spring riding but can hold its own during the hottest months of the year as well." For what it's worth, I wore mine last Sunday (90 degrees!) and it felt great.
Men's SS Men's LS Women's LS
Men's SS (Utrecht)
Men's LS (Arnhem)
Women's SS (Montfoort)
Women's LS (Harlingen)
Current inventory on-hand (color and quantity in parentheses)...
Men's Short Sleeve (The Utrecht):
• M (Royal Orange, 2)
• L (Royal Orange, 1)
• XL (Royal Orange, 0) -- SOLD!
Men's Long Sleeve (The Arnhem):
• M (Royal Orange, 1)
• L (Carolina Blue, 0) -- SOLD!
Women's Short Sleeve (The Montfoort):
• S (Carolina Blue, 1)
• M (Carolina Blue, 0) -- SOLD!
Prices: We got an awesome discount on our bulk order -- short sleeve jersey's cost $80 / long sleeve $95. If you don't see the size/color you are looking for, we will probably do a re-order soon. But, since it won't be as big an order, the discount won't be as awesome -- plan on closer to $100 (ss), $115 (ls).
Road Holland jersey sizing chart:
Road Holland Sizing Chart
If you want a jersey let me know.

Coming soon: Official UC Bike Ride waterbottles by Specialized and socks from DeFeet.
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Please be safe, follow the rules and have a good ride!