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Thanks for visiting. I hope to make the Urbana-Champaign Bike Ride site a collection of useful information to make bicycling in and around Urbana, Champaign and the surrounding areas easier, safer and more fun. It's still very much a work in progress so please send along any suggestions you might have. Have a great ride!

Join the UC Bike Ride Google Group
This group has been set up to help folks set up impromptu "pick-up" bike rides in the Urbana-Champaign area. If you feel like going for a ride and want some riding partners just post a message to the group. Be sure to include when you are leaving, where from, and how far you are planning to ride -- and maybe how fast you are hoping to go. Hopefully you'll find some other folks to ride with. Join through the Google Groups UC Bike Ride page.

Group Riding Primer
When there is a new member in your riding group, it's always a good idea to run through how you do things. Here's an outline of the topics I cover. Have a look before your next group ride: Group Riding

2015 Urbana-Champaign Area Centuries (metric and/or imperial)
Februaury 22 Illini Chill, St Joseph, IL
April 18 Beautiful Southern Ride, Carbondale, IL
August 22 Wabash River Ride, Lafayette, IN
August 29 Tour de Witt, Clinton IL
September 5 Prairie Cycle Club CU Across the Prairie, Urbana, IL
September 7 "Unofficial" Perrysville Indiana Ride (map pdf)
September 12 Crop Cycle, Mahomet, IL
September 12-13 Old Kentucky Home, Louisville, KY
September 13 Capital City Century, Springfield, IL
September 19 Decatur Bicycle Club Amish Bike Tour, Decatur, IL
September 19 River to Rail Ride, Middle Fork River Forest Preserve
September 27 Prairie Pedal, Decatur, IL
September 27 Apple Cider Century, Three Oaks, MI
October 3 Bike the Bridges, Rockville Lake Park, IN
October 3-4 Jack and Back, Nashville, TN
October 10 Ride for Recreation, Monticello, IL
October 9-11 Hilly Hundred (Bloomington, IN)
(more midwest rides can be found here)

"Personally, I believe the best way to promote the cause of cycling is to not be an idiot when you're riding your bike." Bike Snob NYC

hilly hundred
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Please be safe, follow the rules and have a good ride!